An exercise in typographic composition, Adventures in blippo is the result of a long running and rather unhealthy obsession with
the typeface Blippo Black. This exhibition aims to scrutinise the eccentric nature of the 1960's typeface while delivering a body of considered minimalist work. The final selection comprises of ten, one colour, A1 screen prints in editions of five. Download the exhibition catalogue.

594mm x 841mm
One-colour screen print on
Arcoprint Extra White 300gsm.
Edition of five.

Price available on request.

MC N I K E C O l A S O f t
I X 40 + U X 13 + L X 2
, X 2
K X 5
H + m + u + A + Q + J + p + f + l + f + i
A – Y + a – y
Q + S X 2
2 + 6
C X 25